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Members receive a bi-monthly 'Southern Notebook' magazine which contains articles with drawings and photographs covering a diverse range of subjects relating to the history of railways in the south of England. There is also a digest of Southern interest from the preservation society magazines and other railway interest groups as well as a current affairs section covering noteworthy events of the railways in the south. Members' notices, forthcoming events and sales information are also included.

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A portfolio system provides members with comprehensive information on specific topics, for example 'the Callington Branch', 'Southern Railway Utility Vans' and 'Southern Railway Publicity'.

The Group has an extensive library of books, magazines, data sheets and plans, which include items such as track plans, signalling diagrams, timetables, carriage numbering and set formations.

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Members requiring information can access photographic, plans and relics registers. A specialist service exists for researching and answering those particularly difficult questions.

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