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Bulleid Coaches

The Phoenix coach kits are successors to the 4mm scale BSL range, using a combination of cast white metal ends and fittings, and aluminium sides. Detailing components available separately include plastic and etched bass items.

While the majority of the Phoenix range of coaching stock kits are Southern vehicles, the range also includes GWR, LNER and LMS kits.

The SRG is in the process of reviewing the stock and tooling for the kits over the winter of 2015/6, prior to a re-launch of the range in 2016.

Demonstrations of the construction of Phoenix kits have appeared in a number of publications, for example Chapter Five “Assembling a pre-formed metal kit – A Southern Railway ‘Ironclad’ Brake Third“, in Stephen William’s book “The 4mm Coach – Part Two – Working with metal kits”, published by Wild Swan.

Note: These Kits are only available in 4mm Scale.

Photographs of completed kits can be seen by clicking on those Descriptions which appear in underlined coloured script.

Information on Bulleid coach set formations may be obtained from the 'Appendices to the Carriage Working Notices' held in the SRG Library or from SRG Data Sheets.

We would also recommend 'An Illustrated History of Southern Coaches' by our member Mike King which provides a comprehensive range of photographs and drawings. 'Bulleid's SR Steam Carriage Stock' by David Gould (Oakwood 1994) is also recommended. Also available in sheet form are the drawings made by Mike King, to whom application including an SAE should be made.

SR/BR Bulleid with Compartment Doors

Until 1962 all these coaches were formed into 3-sets 963-980 (Diags.2121/2316/2121) and 981-984 (Diags.2122/2317/2122)

SR Bulleid - Shallow (10") Window Ventilators

When built, the five corridor thirds (Diag.2019) were loose. All the brake thirds (Diag.2123) were formed into 3-sets 770 - 793 and 2-sets 63 - 75. Corridor Composites (Diag.2318) were in 3-sets 771 - 793 or were loose. (Note that set 770 had the prototype composite No 5751, diagram 2315). The brake composites (Diag.2405) were in 2-sets 63 - 75 or were loose (Diag.2406).

SR Bulleid (Bournemouth Stock) (10" Window Ventilators)

The 'Bournemouth' coaches were similar to the coaches in the previous section, but with bodysides extended over the solebars. Note also that there were significant differences in the arrangement of the braking system and battery boxes on this 1947 (and later) stock compared with that built earlier. All were formed into 6-sets 290 - 300 (Diags.2123/2017/2660/2507/2318/2123) and mostly worked between Waterloo and Bournemouth.

BR Bulleid Catering Vehicles (15" Window Ventilators)

The prototypes were the controversial 'Tavern Sets', 8 pairs of which were built in 1949 (Diags.2663/2664). Controversial because the Restaurant Cars had only top lights (i.e. no large windows) and half the 'Tavern Car' was originally finished externally in imitation brickwork and half timbering, and displayed a pub sign. The Restaurant Cars were rebuilt with a full complement of windows in 1950-1 (Diag.2665) while the Taverns remained internally styled as a pub (some at least externally repainted green) until remodelled in 1959-60 (Diag.2668).

SR/BR Miscellaneous Stock

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